Skills & Abilities Testing - The Rogers GroupLooking to hire people who have the skills relevant to the job?

For over 20 years The Rogers Group have been assisting businesses & organisations with Online Testing for a wide range of Skills and Abilities to save time, lower costs, and ensure they are hiring people who have the skills that are relevant to the job!

The Rogers Group provides a wide range of online skills testing to assess candidates for the workplace skills you actually need. Our range of skills & ability tests are designed to measure competency in areas such as:


Cognitive Reasoning Skills
We boast a comprehensive collection of cognitive reasoning skills tests ranging from the standard numerical, verbal and abstract through to specialised combined cognitive tests for administrative, technical, graduate, professional and executive levels.

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Microsoft Office, typing and computer skills tests

A wide range of standard and advanced tests are available for Microsoft Office products ranging from 2007 to 2010 versions.

Additional tests including typing speeds, alphanumeric and numeric data entry, accuracy and error checking and general secretarial skills complement these to provide a complete picture.

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Numeracy & Literacy
Ranging from simple word knowledge and entry level mathematics tests through to complex high level reasoning we have an excellent selection of tests from authors ranging from Australian Council of Educational Research through to Saville, IBM Kenexa and SkillCheck.

We also boast a specialist selection of tests designed for specific industries and job roles to test items in as broad a range as technical comprehension through administrative roles to critical or executive analysis.
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Customer Service & Call Centre Skills
Benefiting from the approaches of multiple authors specialising in different areas, we offer a variety of evaluations including audio simulations for call centre customer service or sales roles. Questionnaire style tests such as the SkillCheck Customer Service Profile and basic tests of a range of call centre and customer service skills complete the range to give the full picture.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Simply testing accounting and bookkeeping staff for basic mathematics just doesn’t tell you the whole story. With specialised tests ranging from Accounts Payable and Receivable through to Bookkeeping and Accounting Maths coupled with more complex testing for roles requiring critical analysis you can accurately assess skill levels.

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Technical, Industrial & Mechanical

Whether it’s picking & packing and forklift drivers or technicians, engineers and designers we have a comprehensive series of tests designed to help you with just about any technical, industrial or mechanical role. From entry level to senior engineer we have an evaluation set that will meet your needs.

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It is well documented that the majority of safety incidents occur as a result of human factors. Our targeted range of human factor safety tests focus on the full spectrum of safety competencies, attitudes, personality factors and coping factors. Including items testing memory, visual acuity, reaction times and mental capacity these tests have produced outstanding results for clients. With specialised questionnaires ranging from aviation through mining to transport, construction and industrial versions the evaluations offer unequalled information.

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