Want to know how a potential employee will think, feel or perceive particular situations?

We all know the statements about past behaviour predicting future performance. Here at The Rogers Group we help our clients turn that statement into a science.

Behavioural & Personality Testing – The Rogers GroupWhilst skills, abilities, knowledge and education are obviously important, the true measure of success comes from matching the behavioural profile of the individual to the needs of the job role.

Fast-growing high success companies already know this, that’s why most of them put at least 80% of the focus of their selection methodology and interview on behaviours rather than skills.

Whether it’s personality, emotional intelligence, reliability or even safety attitude we have a range of best in class tools to put you on the right track.


The McQuaig System

McQuaig Testing - The Rogers GroupMcQuaig Testing
We recommend & are the sole licensees in Asia Pacific for The McQuaig System suite of psychometric assessments. We proudly boast an impressive portfolio of blue chip clients who have successfully used this particular profiling tool for decades.

The McQuaig System is a unique model with candidates measured against a genuine job model created through both the McQuaig Job Survey and benchmarking of existing high performing individuals.


Emotional Intelligence

Genos Emotional Intelligence – When using emotional intelligence instruments for selection, we need an extremely robust instrument with strong validity scales. The GENOS Emotional Intelligence recruit version has multiple validity scales and can detect both conscious manipulation and subconscious inflation. It is a highly effective tool for measuring communication & awareness of self & others, as well as the capacity to persuade and influence.


BayState Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI) – the ERI is a powerful multifaceted behavioural selection tool. Scales measured include freedom from disruptive drug and alcohol use, courtesy, emotional maturity, conscientiousness, trustworthiness, long term job commitment and safe job performance.

Safety Behaviours

Psyfactors Situational Safety Awareness (SSA) – Situational Safety Awareness measures a person’s safety attitudes and competency in roles where safety is of high concern. This is a true Human Factors Safety Test not merely a personality measure or competency test and is legally defensible.

In addition to the above mentioned Personality & Behavioural Assessments The Rogers Group offers a range of Cognitive & Aptitude tests, Skills & Abilities tests, and Industry & Skill Specific tests.