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How to tell the true story of your leadership

The story of your leadership doesn’t just involve a timeline of events in your career. You can paint a much more compelling picture of your true capabilities by understanding your temperament, and revealing your leadership traits.

Achieving higher employee retention rates: 3 ways that behaviour assessments can help

If you could see into the future when you’re hiring a new employee, you could save countless hours and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnovers. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see into the future. And even if you could, there’s no single solution that’s guaranteed to make every hire a permanent one. But… Read more »

The secret to freeing up your time: how to hire a self-motivated employee

If you feel as though you’re spending too much time motivating your employees, you’re probably right. While it’s not an exact science, asking yourself (or other staff managers in your company) will likely reveal that you’re wasting up to half of your working hours on supporting and encouraging your staff to do their jobs.

7 ways to become a better leader

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in management for decades, or you’re brand new on the podium: there’s always change happening in the workplace, and your professionalism should evolve with it. Remembering and practicing just a few simple rules can help you through any transformation your workplace is going through, and towards more effective leadership… Read more »

Interviewing the ‘professional’ candidate

Have you met the ideal person for the job? Or have you just encountered a highly coached, interview-savvy candidate? Here are tips and strategies to help assess the true qualities under the surface of the slick, ‘professional’ job seeker.

People Provide the Competitive Edge

Recruitment and Retention Tips for the Wine Industry To remain competitive in international and domestic markets, the wine industry is investing in new technologies, R&D and new processes, but the need to invest in the right people to grow, manufacture, sell and deliver the product, is also critical.

Defining era for HR as staff move up agenda

The HR profession is entering a ‘make or break’ era as people issues finally move to the top of the business agenda. A global study by consultancy Accenture shows that attracting and retaining staff is now the top priority for chief executives, and that workforce issues make up four of the top 10 concerns for… Read more »